Marina & Marko's Wediing Photography At The Lincoln Of Toorak, Toorak, Victoria, Australia - 4th February 2017

Our wedding photography team had the privilege to capture the wedding of Marina and Marko in photographs and video. A beautiful couple of Serbian origin who radiate positive and enthusiastic energy, it is a pleasure to be in their company and to be part of their wedding day.

Groom's Preparation Wedding Photography and Video Shoot

The Mark Carniato Photography team headed to the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne in the morning to begin the groom's preparation photo and video shoot at the Groom's parent's house.  The party had already begun as we arrived to find a Serbian band featuring an accordion playing music to the family and guests.  The backyard and garage was dressed up nicely to host guests for lunch later in the day.

Bride's Preparation Wedding Photography and Video Shoot

The bride's preparation was hosted at the Bride's parent's house.  The make up artist performing her final touches on the bride as we arrived left us ample time to photograph and video the bride getting ready for church.  

Marriage Ceremony

The marriage ceremony was hosted at St Stephen The Archdeacon Serbian Orthodox Church in Keysborough.  The bride arrived in a white stretch limousine, and walked with her father hand in hand down the aisle to meet the groom waiting by the Holy doors. The family and guests impassioned as they witness the holy marriage, the glorious occasion will be remembered forever and a day.

Bridal Party Photo and Video Shoot

The Bridal party with their photographer and videographer travelled to Victoria Barracks, Melbourne, Fitzroy Gardens and Paliament House, Melbourne in East Melbourne for the Bridal Party Photo Shoot.  The facade at Victoria Barracks creates the perfect backdrop for bridal portraits, being completely shaded on a sunny day too, the light is very uniform and flattering. The photo shoot was concluded at the Fitzroy Gardens and Parliament House, all very popular locations for wedding photo shoots in Melbourne.

Wedding Reception Celebration

The wedding reception hosted at the Lincoln of Toorak, was lively and energetic, with non-stop live Serbian music playing all night, the guests all had their dancing shoes and drinking hats on.  The final surprise featured a brass ensemble walk in playing their instruments to the astonished guests.  What a day, what a night!

Congratulations Marina and Marko!

From the team at Mark Carniato Photography  

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